For YOUth.

by The Community Hub.

Established in March 2022, Routes is a youth-led platform that aims to create a community of students and young people to learn, engage, and share relevant and authentic knowledge and practices around entrepreneurship.
What we do
Routes is a platform created for Egyptian youth aiming to help you discover and venture into the different career paths through various services that are all designed in an engaging and interactive way.
Through workshops, sessions, events, summits, creative expression tools such as Photovoice and Expression Walls, and more, Routes aims to provide youth with opportunities to access the complex entrepreneurship ecosystem, while focusing on our five main tracks: entrepreneurship, impact & sustainability, gender mainstreaming, diversity & inclusion, and wellbeing.
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Diversity & Inclusion
Valuing diversity and embracing differences is key to building a strong community. We recognize that people come from different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. Moreover, we strive to support all youth capacities in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and beyond, by creating an inclusive and welcoming Routes community and building partnerships to facilitate equal access to resources and opportunities.
Gender Mainstreaming
We acknowledge that the experiences of young men and women in our societies are different, hence, we aim to shed light on those experiences and needs and ensure that all young people have access to the same opportunities.
Impact & Sustainability
At the center of the mission of Routes is mainstreaming impact and sustainability in all activities. This is why we seek to support impact-driven youth entrepreneurship, creating a lasting, positive social, economic, and/or environmental impact. Therefore, we aim to impart to our youth community the importance and the know-how of creating and sustaining impact in our lives and businesses, through both our online and offline activations
By doing so, we foster a culture of conscious decision-making and encourage youth to actively contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Following the Community Psychology approach implemented by The Community Hub, we believe that mental health &well-being are not solely individual. The surrounding contexts of university students and fresh graduates are remarkably influential on their mental health. Examples of these contexts are academic stress, job market demands, working opportunities, available resources for professional development, pressuring cultural narratives, and specific social norms.
We seek to build the resilience of this group through raising their awareness of these contextual factors, and collaboratively coming up with coping strategies they can implement to cope with these challenges.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing community members who are growing fast.
“I felt that I was listened to and my ideas were supported… I was enjoying my time during the program while learning new skills and discovering more about myself and the entrepreneur’s journey.”
“Keep going [Routes] because there are a lot of people in need of guidance in reaching the first step to entrepreneurship, and you help them achieve this”  
“They [Routes’ team] focused on helping me acquire new skills while discovering more about myself in the process, which was a new experience for me.”